What's Cooking in the Heat of Healthcare?

Wednesday morning looks rainy and foggy from the 26th floor at Gothia Towers – a hotel hosting the annual health tech conference MIE2018 (Medical Informatics Europe) alongside with Vitalis 2018 fair. The crème de la crème of the health industry from Sweden and the neighbouring countries have gathered here for this week.

The program is full of interesting and innovative speeches and topics that make you furiously google their meanings. I had the pleasure of meeting the Microsoft robot, virtual reality seems to be the norm rather than an exception and elderly people can relax: a hall full of exercise equipment assisted with AI. These ideas could sum up the days spent in Gothenburg.

Abomics and GeneAccount participated for the first time and it has most definitely been worth it. Regardless of our small and modest stand, we had a significant message to deliver: pharmacogenetics is not for the future but for the present. It surprised me that even here, at the heart of the health industry, pharmacogenetics is still fairly unknown. Like many times before, we have opened the eyes of several individuals and created contacts with strong organizations.

The trend and focus are clear: personalized healthcare. As the means, technology and platforms are already there – now all we need is a strong will to raise the standards of patient safety. It is obvious that the field of healthcare is going through major changes and we all want to be part of it.

Having a unique selling point, a real competitive advantage is most definitely on our side.

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