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GeneAccount Service / Genetic Test



GeneAccount Service genetic test helps you discover more than 120 medicines personal suitability according to your heritage. You can avoid trouble, bother and unnecessary healthcare expenses with the test. The results of the test are reported through GeneAccount portal within few weeks from the shipment of the sample.

GeneAccount Service provides an easy and reliable solution for genetic testing: simple buccal swab test can be done at home and mailed to laboratory for analyzation. After a few weeks the test results can be accessed anywhere and anytime in easy-to-read report form. The report includes dosing recommendations for medications and helps the healthcare professionals make personalized medicine a reality for you. Your genetic features do not change and your results are constantly updated according to the latest research and new medications.

Delivery time 2-5 working days.


Genetics play a big role in metabolizing certain drugs and should be considered when prescribing medication. Wrong dosing can lead to severe adverse effects or inoperative treatment leading to unnecessary use of drugs. With GeneAccount Service’s genetic test, safe and efficient medication is entitled to everyone. The test provides individual genetic variation and dosing recommendations for even more than a hundred commonly prescribed drugs.

GeneAccount Service genetic test examines approximately 20 genes from which the safety and efficacy of more than 120 medications can be significantly improved. The genetic test is delivered to the customer via mail. The customer takes a buccal swab sample from the inside of cheeks and sends the sample to the laboratory. The results of the genetic test arrive within few weeks and they are reported through GeneAccount portal. The results of the test are forever and always accessible via mobile device or computer.

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