19 Jun: Personalized Medicine – No More Medication Side Effects

Side effects are often an unwanted companion for an unsuitable medication. They have a tendency of reducing the quality of life and should be an alarm for the medical staff. However, the side effects are unfortunately often being medicated with another medication, and this can lead into a heavy usage of unnecessary medications.

12 Jun: Genetic Testing – What’s In It For Me?

Understanding genetics is fairly simple and straightforward. But how to implement the data into practice - that's where in-depth understanding steps in. One can find out their whole genome for about 1,000 € - but what do you do with all that information?

21 May: Depression Medication – Same Size Doesn’t Fit All

Finnish Media Company MTV reported in May 2018, that in Finland every single day as many as nine individuals are driven out of the working life due to a diagnosed depression. This alarming phenomenon has caused the amount of under 35-year-old retirees to increase for a third during the last ten years. These statistics are mind blowing!