Privacy policy

The purpose of this text is to explain the principles and practices of privacy and data management of  Abomics and GeneAccount.

Privacy principles

Abomics is a certified healthcare service provider, which also shows as strict privacy policies and practices. Data is collected, utilized, saved, and shared only to provide the healthcare services, and only by those employees who have authorization to handle the data, for example, our doctors. We always try to minimize the amount of information we need to provide the service, and actively delete the data we will not be needing anymore.

Lawful basis of collecting and utilizing data

Our lawful basis for data collection and utilization is the service agreement between us and the customer. The agreement is either between you and us, or between you and your healthcare provider whose subcontractor we are in certain cases. We handle your data with equal concern regardless of whom with you have the service agreement. The privacy of all of our customers is equally important to us.

We need data about you to serve you. The main functions in which your data is used are our pharmacogenomic interpretation, and communication between you and us. We also occasionally run statistics of the usage of the service, but that information is fully anonymous.

Genetic information

Genetic information is stored only on secure servers and is handled only by our carefully selected professionals, for example, our doctors. The data is also only transferred via secured connections. Your genetic information is never shared to third parties without your specific request.

We never possess any genetic data that could be used to identify a person. We and our partner laboratories only sequence the genes that are used only in pharmacogenetics. We want to offer our pharmacogenetic service as transparently as possible, which is why we never run any other tests even if requested.

Personal information

You can see all personal information we have from your GeneAccount profile.

We have different information about you depending on your service provider. If we are a subcontractor, your service provider provides us the information we need. In this case we cannot affect the information we get. If you are a GeneAccount Service customer, you have the power to choose the information you want to share with us.

When we are a subcontractor, we can have your name, age, gender, phone number, and your birthday. It is also possible that we do not have any personal information about you. You can view and edit all your personal information in your GeneAccount profile.

If you are a GeneAccount Service customer, you can choose the information you want to share when you are registering your sample. As mandatory information we only collect the information we need to provide the rudimentary service. You can view and edit all your personal information in your GeneAccount profile.

Service usage data

We collect data about usage of the service to monitor and improve the service. This information is anonymous statistics. We collect information for example about session lengths, browsers, operating systems and devices. This information is fully anonymous, it does not contain your personal information, nor can it be linked to your personal information. Cookies are used to collect this information.

Data utilization, storing, and deletion

Your information is stored only on secured servers and are only transferred via secured connections. We run back-ups in real time, so the information is not lost even in unexpected situations.

We only utilize your information to offer the main service and supporting activities. Any information is not shared with third parties without your formal request.

Your rights

You own your personal information. Your rights are based on laws and other regulation, for example EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • To be informed about important events concerning you and your data
  • View your personal information in our service
  • Manage your information and make corrections
  • Ask us to move your information to other service providers
  • Request all data we have about you
  • Ask what data we have about you
  • Delete your information from the service and ask us to delete all data about you

Additional information about our privacy policies is found in GeneAccount website and by contacting us at