Common drugs used to treat and prevent stroke, high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as several antidepressants and birth control pills, are amongst the medications that are associated with pharmacogenetic variation. This means that the dose that is good for you, might be dangerous or ineffective for someone else.

Genetics play a big role in metabolizing certain drugs and should be considered when prescribing medication. Wrong dosing can lead to severe adverse effects or inoperative treatment leading to unnecessary use of drugs. With GeneAccount Service’s genetic test, safe and efficient medication is entitled to everyone. The test provides individual genetic variation and dosing recommendations for more than 100 commonly prescribed drugs.

All that is needed is GeneAccount’s simple buccal swab test, which can be easily send to laboratory for analyzation. You get your results after a few weeks, and they are safely accessible from your personal GeneAccount anywhere and anytime. In GeneAccount, the test results are in an easy-to-read report form, which you can show to your doctor when medication is considered.

Your pharmacogenetic profile does not change and your GeneAccount is constantly updated as new findings and drug recommendations are discovered. This means that the results are good for life, with only one genetic test. No more unnecessary or potentially dangerous medications, always an ideal medication with the correct dosage.

How it works?

Using GeneAccount Service is easy and effortless. All you need to do is order online a simple buccal swab genetic test, which can be sent to the laboratory by regular mail.

In the laboratory the cells are broken down and the DNA is extracted. After this the DNA is purified and amplified for genotyping, where the specific regions in the DNA sequence that are known to have an effect on metabolizing drugs are determined.

Based on the DNA sequences the raw data is generated. With Abomics’ state-of-the-art technology specialized doctors and IT-specialists produce reliable and easy-to-read report on your individual pharmacogenetic features.

After a few weeks your report will be available from your GeneAccount. You can show the test results to your medical doctor when prescribing medication is considered.

The report is available in your GeneAccount securely from your computer or mobile device whenever needed.

GeneAccount Service Sample Instructions

Medication & Genetics

GeneAccount Service genetic test examines more than 100 commonly used medicines and gives personal treatment recommendations according to your heritage. These medicines include almost every category of healthcare medication, from pain relief to heart / vasculary diseases and mood medicines. The list of different trade names includes thousands of different trademarks. You can find out more about the related medicines in GeneAccount Drug Guides.

GeneAccount Service genetic test interprets genes with most pharmacogenetical significance. These genes include for example ABCB1, CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C19, CYP2C9, CYP2D6, CYP3A5, F2, F5, SLCO1B1 and VKORC1.


You will receive the results of GeneAccount Service genetic test digitally within few weeks from posting the sample to the laboratory. You will be able to discover all of the examined genes’ unique effect on various different medicines and trade names within the GeneAccount portal, where you can safely storage all of the genetic information acquired through the test. This information can also be made available for healthcare professionals so your personal genetic profile can be taken into account every time a physician is prescribing a new medication for you.

GeneAccount Service genetic test’s report is easy-to-read and includes all the necessary information to ensure a safe and efficient medication. The results are available through computer, mobile device or in a printable form. The reports are also being constantly updated according to the newest scientific research so the useful information also extends as the years go by.

Privacy & Protection

Privacy of your genetic information is essential to us.

This is why your GeneAccount data is kept anonymous, stored on safe servers in the EU and handled according to General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union (GDPR). This means that your data is used exclusively for the intended purpose of the service, only by your personal consent.


GeneAccount Service samples are handled and analyzed in European laboratories highly certified and accredited according to EU’s quality standards. These standards ensure the proper handling of samples and place demands on e.g. professionality of laboratory staff and quality assurances. The analyzation is always carried out using latest technology devices by professionals. This is how we ensure that the results of your gene test are always reliable.

The testing equipment of the GeneAccount Service is ThermoFischer TaqMan® OpenArray®. TaqManMGB® technology is used to determine copy number variants for certain genes.


GeneAccount Service is provided by a Finnish genomic medicine expertise company Abomics Ltd. Abomics is specializing in pharmacogenetics, which is the study of human genetic traits which effect the metabolism of various medicines. The research of pharmacogenetics enables the healthcare professionals to determine the right drug to the right patient, at the right time and with the right dosage.

The functionality of pharmacogenetic tests is visualised in the enclosed animation video. You can read more about pharmacogenetics on the Abomics official website and GeneAccount blog.