Children's Day of Medicine 3/3/2018

The Finnish Science Center Heureka its busier than ever this morning, or at least that’s how it feels as I am trying to make my way from the main entrance.  Children anywhere from 2-year-olds up to the teenagers and their parents have invaded the premises. As some of them are holding granny’s hand the others are flashing their “frequent visitor” card at the register and heading to the first exhibition stand.

The Children’s Day of Medicine has been running here for two months but as the show is drawing to its final week, this Saturday Heureka is activating all visitors and future scientists. From Vantaa, Finland the exhibition will be dismantled and continuing its journey across Europe.

Ove the years this specific event has broken the visitor records and is gaining popularity year by year. And I do not wonder why. Children of a variety of ages find interesting and relevant activities – one day is by far too short of a time to discover everything this event has to offer.

The science center has gathered several significant partners to work with. They all have their own stands where they share their expertise within their specific field of medicine with super eagered little (and some bigger too) learners. One can plaster teddy’s paw, craft a DNA-sequence or try how does it feel to use the dentist’s tools.

We at GeneAccount, were very happy to attend and to share all we know about pharmacogenetics, how it effects medical safety and how personalized medicine is the way forward. Excited future doctors asked some triggering questions and challenged us to have our answers ready and available with an interesting twist, as our audience were busy to hurry to the next activity. We also got to talk to the guardians amongst who pharmacogenetics raised a lot of interest.

This experience was over all very pleasant and we are looking forward for further collaboration with Heureka!

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