21 Mar: ÄLY Seminar 20/03/2018

Ä.L.Y. stands for Intelligent Personalized Medicine - this event truly lived up to its name. Have to be said, that I had my expectations set high regarding this event. When you put together top of the range speakers from the field of intelligent medication, 3D medical printing and genotype specific medicine, the result cannot not be anything but marvelous.

11 Mar: Side Effects Without Benefits

As for a 69-year-old woman, Airi was no exception. She had been prescribed several medications: there was one for high blood pressure, for cholesterol, sweating and stomach related symptoms. It was quite a handful to keep a record of.

05 Mar: Children’s Day of Medicine 3/3/2018

The Finnish Science Center Heureka its busier than ever this morning, or at least that's how it feels as I am trying to make my way from the main entrance. Children anywhere from 2-year-olds up to the teenagers and their parents have invaded the premises.