12 Jun: Genetic Testing – What’s In It For Me?

Understanding genetics is fairly simple and straightforward. But how to implement the data into practice - that's where in-depth understanding steps in. One can find out their whole genome for about 1,000 € - but what do you do with all that information?

01 Jun: Upgrading the Future of Health Tech / ULF2018

So that was the Upgraded Life Festival 2018, #ULFFI18 as us experienced ones like to refer to it. Personally, I had no expectations as it was my very first time attending the festival. The pre-event hype had good vibes and only based on that I was excited to attend.

21 May: Depression Medication – Same Size Doesn’t Fit All

Finnish Media Company MTV reported in May 2018, that in Finland every single day as many as nine individuals are driven out of the working life due to a diagnosed depression. This alarming phenomenon has caused the amount of under 35-year-old retirees to increase for a third during the last ten years. These statistics are mind blowing!

27 Apr: What’s Cooking in the Heat of Healthcare?

Wednesday morning looks rainy and foggy from the 26th floor at Gothia Towers - a hotel hosting the annual health tech conference MIE2018 (Medical Informatics Europe) alongside with Vitalis 2018 fair. The crème de la crème of the health industry from Sweden and the neighbouring countries have gathered here for this week.

11 Apr: Your Genes Make You YOU

We are all unique with different looks, heights and shades. Taking a step further, all living creatures are very different. Whether you are a banana or a human, a huge difference in practical terms. Impossible to mistake one for the other.

21 Mar: Struck by a Stroke

When you hear someone you know, suffered from a stroke, it does not seem likely that it could happen to you. Especially if you are fairly fit, exercise regularly and are barely past the middle age. In case of Jarmo Aaltonen, an active sales person from Turku, this was the case.

21 Mar: ÄLY Seminar 20/03/2018

Ä.L.Y. stands for Intelligent Personalized Medicine - this event truly lived up to its name. Have to be said, that I had my expectations set high regarding this event. When you put together top of the range speakers from the field of intelligent medication, 3D medical printing and genotype specific medicine, the result cannot not be anything but marvelous.