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Genetic variation plays an essential role in safety and effectiveness in the variety of drugs. This means that the same dosage does not fit for everyone. The wrong dosage can cause severe adverse effects or lead to unnecessary use of drugs. Individual’s unique variation in metabolizing drug substances can be solved using pharmacogenetic testing.

GeneAccount Service provides an easy and reliable solution for genetic testing: a simple buccal swab test can be done at home and mailed to the laboratory for analyzation. After a few weeks, the test results can be accessed via secure GeneAccount with easy access anywhere and anytime in easy-to-read report form. The report covers more than 200 common drug substances and includes individual dosing recommendations for each substance.

GeneAccount Service genetic Test studies the most relevant pharmacogenetic genes such as CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 among several others.


GeneAccount ensures that Your data is stored unchanged and secured. The data is not used to anything else but providing the service according to the Service Agreement. You can choose to stop using GeneAccount at any time, and Your data will be deleted from the service securely.

Fits Everyone

Medication affects us all in some part of our lives. Genetic characteristics affect commonly prescribed drugs. Some of the drugs that are affected by genetic characteristics are prescribed in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric problems, pain, and birth control. Read more about the drugs in our blog and from our medication guides.

Easy & Fast

The laboratory can save the results as soon as they are ready. When the results arrive at GeneAccount you will be notified by SMS that contains your pin-code for the service. The results are at your disposal instantly and you can utilize them free of charge without limitations.


“Had I known my pharmacogenetic results, I would had reconsidered my contraceptive medication. I would have avoided unnecessary risks.”


Hanna Partanen

“If I would have continued using clopidogrel without knowing that it had no effect on me, it would have just been a complete placebo medication.”


Jarmo / Turku, Finland

“When the results came in it was immediately noted that I had been using wrong medications. It’s a big deal not having to act as a subject of experimentation anymore.”


Airi / Järvenpää, Finland

Drug guides

Download Pain Drug Guide

Pain and Pain Relief medications include a large variety of drugs of which safety and efficacy depend on pharmacogenetics. For example, painkiller codeine’s efficacy is non-existent or very mild for 2-5 % of the Finnish population and too or even dangerously excessive for 7-8 %.

In the drug guide below you will find a complete list of the medications and trade names with pharmacogenetic variation currently available in Finland.

Download Heart Drug Guide

Blood and Vascular Disease medications include a wide variety of drugs of which safety and efficacy are depending on pharmacogenetics. For example, the preventive medicine of a stroke, clopidogrel, is inefficient and inoperative for almost 30 % of the Finnish population.

In the drug guide below you will find a complete list of the medications and trade names with pharmacogenetic variation currently available in Finland.

Download Mood Drug Guide

Mood and Psyche medications include many drugs of which safety and efficacy are depending on pharmacogenetics. These medications are often used for a long period of time so a pharmacogenetic test would be beneficial when beginning to use these drugs.

In the drug guide below you will find a complete list of the medications and trade names with pharmacogenetic variation currently available in Finland.


What is a pharmacogenetic test?

Pharmacogenetic test is a genetic test that examines drug efficacy based on person’s genetic attributes. Test results can be used to determine safe and efficient dosing for over 120 commonly prescribed drug substances.

Learn more about testing from ‘What is a pharmacogenetic test?’ video.

Which drugs are affected by genes?

Genes affect the metabolism of many widely used drugs. For example, metabolism of certain drugs used to treat cardio-vascular diseases, depression, and pain, as well as certain combination birth control pills, are affected by genes.

Download GeneAccount Drug Guides to receive additional information about drug substances that include pharmacogenetic variation.

When should I do a genetic test?

You will get the most value from a pharmacogenetic test when it is taken before a new medication is started. This enables prescribing the right dosage of the right drug, and it reduces trouble, risks, and additional health care costs related to medication.

The test is especially useful if you are already using a drug that is known to have pharmacogenetic variance.

Can my children do a genetic test?

A legal custodian of a minor can order the test for their children. Before ordering the test, we recommend that you read carefully the section concerning children in the terms of service.

A pharmacogenetic test is not recommended for children under the age of two.

How long does it take to get my results?

Due to technical reasons, the arrival of genetic test results may take different times. The expected time is within a month from the date the test has been done.

How do I log in to my GeneAccount?

Your GeneAccount profile is created when you register the GeneAccount Service sample. You can log in to GeneAccount with your email address and password after the sample is successfully registered.

You can go to the login page by clicking the “Login” button at the top of this page.

How do I use GeneAccount?

After you have logged in to your GeneAccount, you can examine your genetic test results easily on your desktop or mobile device, anytime and anywhere. You can also download your pharmacogenetic report as a PDF file, which you can easily take with you for example when you visit your doctor.

With the search function you can look for specific drug substances and based on your results the system will tell you whether the drug is suitable for you, and gives a recommendation for dosage. When you are logged in to GeneAccount you can also visit the Knowledge Base page to find more guides about utilizing GeneAccount and pharmacogenetics information.

How can I utilize my results?

The results of a pharmacogenetic test can be used every time a new drug is being prescribed for you. With the genetic test results your doctor can determine whether a planned medication treatment is suitable for you and what is the best dosage of the drug.

Always discuss your genetic test results with your doctor before making any changes to your medication or dosing.

What is the difference between GeneAccount and GeneAccount Service?

GeneAccount is an online service that allows you to examine the results of your genetic tests easily and effortlessly, anytime and anywhere. You get your own GeneAccount profile by ordering a GeneAccount Service pharmacogenetic test. In Finland, you can also get a GeneAccount profile when you take a pharmacogenetic test through most healthcare providers.

GeneAccount Service is a pharmacogenetic testing service that includes a genetic testing kit, pharmacogenetic interpretation, and GeneAccount online service. With GeneAccount Service personalized medicine is easily available for everyone with an affordable price.

Does the test reveal diseases or disease risks?

Pharmacogenetic test does not examine your whole genome. It is a targeted test, which means that only the genes that are related to pharmaceuticals are examined. Any other genomic information is not revealed by the test. For example, a pharmacogenetic test does not reveal any risks of hereditary diseases.

Are my results safe in GeneAccount?

GeneAccount online service complies with the Finnish law and European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your personal information is only used to provide the service. The information is stored exclusively on servers that are located within the EU.

Do you have any additional questions?

We are happy to answer any additional questions!

Contact us by email at You can also contact us via our chat on weekdays from 8am to 3pm UTC+3.

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