The utilisation of genomics in clinical practice is becoming ever more prevalent. Especially when selecting the right drug and dosage for a patient, a person’s individual genotype plays an important role.

An increasing number of patients have been genetically tested for the speed of common metabolic pathways. The problem is, however, that this information is not easily and reliably accessible during patient care. GeneAccount is a service, whereby the results of genetic tests of an individual are carefully stored and processed for future medical use. GeneAccount displays the results of genetic tests in a way that is understandable by both the patient and the medical professional. Also, the service includes a detailed summary of tested mutations and their implications. The information in GeneAccount is always stored and processed by specialists in the field of medical genetics.

Because genetic information is by nature immutable, doing the same genetic tests twice yields no new data. GeneAccount helps avoid needless, overlapping genetic tests. The information stored in GeneAccount is always available for the treating physician in the course of future medical treatments.

New international recommendations for drug dosage on different metabolic types are issued at a rapidly increasing pace. GeneRx (a service also provided by Abomics Ltd) is a pharmacogenomic decision support database that gives out clear instructions for medical treatment based on the results of genetic tests. GeneRx integrates with the electronic health record (EHR) system that the physician already uses on a daily basis. Read more about GeneRx here:

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