Did you know that drug safety and efficacy can be improved through genetic testing?

Genetic testing helps to determine the right medication with the right dose tailored to your personal genome. This can dramatically improve the efficacy of medical treatments.

GeneAccount is a storage service for your personal genetic information. The results of your genetic tests are stored so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. This information is useful in determining whether a drug is suitable for you or not and in what dosage. With genetic tests you can avoid adverse drug reactions, complications and unnecessary costs.

Your genome is unique and will remain the same throughout your life. Storing your genetic information never becomes obsolete. GeneAccount helps you to understand your personal genome and how your body functions.

Information for professionals

Useful for everyone

Contraceptives, codeine and esomeprazole are drugs, the effects of which vary widely from person to person. They are also good examples of a number of drugs with genetic variation that can be measured through genetic testing. Pre-emptive genetic testing helps physicians determine the right medication with the right dosage for you.

Easy and quick to use

Genetic test results can be stored immediately after they have been processed by the testing laboratory. When you sign up for the service, you will get an SMS message to your mobile phone with a personal passcode to your GeneAccount. When you first log in, we will guide you through a tutorial of the service. Everything is made easy to understand.


Your test results are always valid wherever you go. You can print a summary of your genetic tests for any healthcare professional to use. GeneAccount is designed so that any qualified medical doctor can use the information as decision support when determining the best medical treatment for you.

Safe and secure

When you sign up for GeneAccount your test results may be used only with your explicit permission. We guarantee that all information stored within the GeneAccount stays unaltered and protected and will never be used for purposes other than those described in the service contract. You may delete your account at your choosing, whereupon all your stored information will be removed from the service.


The cost of genetic testing has went down steadily over recent years. Storing test results in GeneAccount is often included in the total price of taking a genetic test. With GeneAccount you avoid having to go through the same genetic tests time and time again. GeneAccount saves you both time and money.

Which drugs have genetic variation?

Below is a list of drugs with known variance in drug safety and/or effectiveness based on a person’s individual genotype. The results of genetic tests can be taken into consideration before prescribing or administering any of the following drugs. For some drugs, the genetic variance on drug response is so insignificant that ordering a genetic test purely on the account of said drug is not considered necessary.

Active ingredient Trade name examples
abacavirKivexa, Triumeq, Trizivir, Ziagen
allopurinolAllonol, Apurin Sandoz, Viaspan, Zyloric
amitriptylineKlotriptyl, Klotriptyl Mite, Limbitrol, Pertriptyl, Triptyl
aripiprazoleAbilify, Abilify Maintena, Aripiprazole Avansor, Aripiprazole Ratiopharm, Aripiprazole Sandoz, Aripiprazol Krka, Aripiprazol Stada, Lemilvo
atazanavirEvotaz, Reyataz
atorvastatinAtorbir, Atorvaratio, Atorvastatin Krka, Atorvastatin Orion, Atorvastatin Pfizer, Lipitor, Orbeos
azathioprineAzamun, Imurel
capecitabineCapecitabin Actavis, Capecitabine Accord, Capecitabine Medac, Capecitabine Orion, Capecitabine Teva, Xeloda
carbamazepineNeurotol Slow, Tegretol, Tegretol Retard
carvedilolCardiol, Carvedilol Hexal, Carvedilol Orion, Carvedilol Stada, Carveratio
celecoxibCelebra, Celecoxib Krka, Celecoxib Pfizer, Celecoxib Sandoz, Celecoxib Stada
citalopramCitalopram Orion, Citalopram-Ratiopharm, Citalopram Vitabalans, Sepram
clomipramineAnafranil, Anafranil Retard
clopidogrelClopidogrel Accord, Clopidogrel Actavis, Clopidogrel Krka, Clopidogrel Mylan, Clopidogrel Orion, Clopidogrel Teva, Clopidogrel Teva Pharma, Plavix
clozapineClozapine Actavis, Froidir, Leponex
codeineArdinex, Codesan Comp, Katapekt, Panacod, Paracetamol/Codein Orion, Paramax-Cod, Recipect
dextromethorphanResilar, Rometor Ratiopharm, Sir. Ephedrin, Sir. Ephedrin Paediatr.
diazepamDiapam, Medipam, Stesolid, Stesolid Novum, Stesolid Prefill
duloxetineCymbalta, Duloxetine Krka, Duloxetine Mylan, Duloxetine Orion, Duloxetine Ratiopharm, Duloxetin Stada, Loxentia, Yentreve
efavirenzAtripla, Efavirenz Aurobindo, Stocrin
escitalopramCipralex, Escitalopram Accord, Escitalopram Actavis, Escitalopram Krka, Escitalopram Lundbeck, Escitalopram Navamedic, Escitalopram Orion, Escitalopram Ratiopharm, Escitalopram Sandoz, Esipral
esomeprazoleEsomeprazol Actavis, Esomeprazol Krka, Esomeprazol Navamedic, Esomeprazol Orion, Esomeprazol Ratiopharm, Esomeprazol Sandoz, Nexium, Vimovo
estradiolActivelle, Angeliq, Cliovelle, Divina, Divitren, Estalis, Estradiol Sandoz, Estradot, Estring, Estrofem, Evorel, Evorel Conti, Evorel Sequi, Femilar, Femoston 1/10, Femoston 2/10, Femoston Conti 0,5/2,5, Femoston Conti 1/5, Femseven, Indivina, Kliogest, Novofem, Progynova, Qlaira, Sequidot, Trisekvens, Vagifem, Zoely, Zumenon
estriolOvestin, Pausanol
ethinyl estradiolBenidette, Benifema, Cilest, Cleodette, Cleonita, Cleosensa, Cypretyl, Darcy, Denise, Diane Nova, Evra, Feminil, Femoden, Gestinyl, Gestodilat, Gracial, Harmonet, Linatera, Liofora, Martam, Marvelon, Meliane, Mercilon, Microgynon, Minero, Minulet, Miranova, Mirelle, Modina, Nuvaring, Palandra, Rubira, Stefaminelle, Tasminetta, Tri-Femoden, Trikvilar, Vreya, Yasmin, Yasminelle, Yaz
flecainideFlecainide Orion, Tambocor, Tambocor Retard
fluorouracilFluorouracil Accord, Flurablastin
fluoxetineFluoxetine Vitabalans, Fluoxetin Mylan, Fluoxetin Sandoz, Fluoxone, Seromex, Seronil
flupentixolFluanxol, Fluanxol Depot
fluvastatinFluvastatin Actavis, Fluvastatin Mylan, Lescol, Lescol Depot
galantamineGalantamine Actavis, Galantamin Krka, Galantamin Mylan, Galantamin Orion, Galantamin Stada, Reminyl
glimepirideAmaryl, Glimepirid Krka, Glimepirid Sandoz, Oltar, Priglide
glyceryl nitrateDeponit Nt, Minitran, Nitro, Nitroglycerin Orion, Perlinganit, Transiderm-Nitro
haloperidolSerenase, Serenase Depot
irinotecanIrinotecan Actavis, Irinotecan Ebewe, Irinotecan Hospira, Irinotecan Medac
lansoprazoleGasterix, Helipak A, Helipak K, Lanrec, Lansoprazol Krka, Lantil, Lanvone, Zolt
lovastatinLovastatin Ratiopharm, Lovastatin Stada
mercaptopurineMerkaptopurin, Xaluprine
metoprololLogimax, Logimax Forte, Metohexal, Metomylan, Metoprolin, Metoprolol Orion, Metoprolol Ratiopharm, Selocomp Zoc, Seloken, Seloken Zoc, Spesicor Dos
mirtazapineMirtachem, Mirtazapin Actavis, Mirtazapin Hexal, Mirtazapin Krka, Mirtazapin Orion, Mirtazapin Ratiopharm, Remeron Soltab
moclobemideAurorix, Moclobemid Ratiopharm
olanzapineOlanzapin Avansor, Olanzapine Accord, Olanzapine Mylan, Olanzapin Ratiopharm, Olanzapin Sandoz, Zalasta, Zypadhera, Zyprexa, Zyprexa Velotab
omeprazoleLosec, Losec Mups, Omeprazol Actavis, Omeprazol Bluefish, Omeprazol Bmm Pharma, Omeprazol Pensa, Omeprazol Ratiopharm, Omestad
oxycodoneOxanest, Oxycodone Orion, Oxycodone Ratiopharm, Oxycodone Sandoz, Oxycodone Vitabalans, Oxycodon Hcl Accord, Oxycontin, Oxynorm, Targiniq
pantoprazolePantoloc Control, Pantopratsoli Sun, Pantoprazol Actavis, Pantoprazole Ratiopharm, Pantoprazol Krka, Pantoprazol Mylan, Pantoprazol Pensa, Pantoprazol Sandoz, Panzor, Somac, Somac Control
paroxetineOptipar, Paroxetin Orion, Paroxetin Ratiopharm, Seroxat
perphenazinePeratsin, Peratsin Dekanoaatti, Pertriptyl
pravastatinPravastatin Orion, Pravastatin Ratiopharm, Pravastatin Sandoz
propranololHemangiol, Propral, Propranolol Accord, Ranoprin
rabeprazolePariet, Rabeprazol Krka
risperidoneRismyl, Risperdal, Risperdal Consta, Risperidone Stada, Risperidon Krka, Risperidon Orion, Risperidon Ratiopharm, Risperidon Sandoz
rosuvastatinCrestor, Rosuvastatin Actavis, Rosuvastatin Krka, Rosuvastatin Mylan, Rosuvastatin Orion, Rosuvastatin Ratiopharm, Rosuvastatin Sandoz, Rosuvastatin Teva
sertralineSertralin Hexal, Sertralin Krka, Sertralin Orion, Sertralin Pfizer, Sertralin Ratiopharm, Zoloft
simvastatinInegy, Lipcut, Simvastatin Actavis, Simvastatin Bluefish, Simvastatin Krka, Simvastatin Orion, Simvastatin Ratiopharm, Zocor
tacrolimusAdport, Advagraf, Envarsus, Modigraf, Prograf
tamoxifenTadex, Tamofen
terbinafineFungorin, Terbinafin Actavis, Terbinafin Hexal, Terbinafin Ratiopharm
tiboloneLivial, Tibocina, Tibolon Orifarm
tolterodineDetrusitol, Detrusitol Sr, Tolterodin Actavis, Tolterodine Sandoz, Tolterodin Pfizer, Tolterodin Ratiopharm
tramadolTradolan Retard, Tramadin, Tramadol Hexal, Tramadol Retard Hexal, Tramadol Vitabalans, Tramal, Tramal Retard, Tramium
venlafaxineEfexor Depot, Venlafaxin Actavis, Venlafaxine Bluefish, Venlafaxin Hexal, Venlafaxin Krka, Venlafaxin Orion
warfarinMarevan, Marevan Forte
zuclopenthixolCisordinol, Cisordinol-Acutard, Cisordinol Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I store the results of my genetic test in GeneAccount?

The results of your genetic tests never become obsolete. Your genetic information stays valid throughout your lifetime. Most genetic tests are taken to determine the right dosage for a particular drug but actually the same test result can explain the safety and efficacy of tens of different drugs.

Why wasn’t the genetic test done years ago when my treatment began?

The price of genetic testing has plummeted over the recent years due to new advances in laboratory technology. Previously the costs of genetic testing were too high compared to benefits. Currently genetic tests are quite affordable and easy to get. Genetic tests are a good way to find out pre-emptively, which drugs are safe and efficient for you and at what dosage.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

GeneAccount is a CE marked medical device that follows the strict quality and security requirements laid out by the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive. Information stored in the GeneAccount can only be used for purposes explained in the service contract. All data is stored and backed up on EU-based servers that follow EU legislation.

If I take a genetic test will I find out all my possible illnesses and risks at the same time?

A genetic test does not map out your whole genome. It is a targeted test, where only selected few genes are examined with care and precision. Genetic testing is simply a tool for determining the right medical treatment for you.

Can the results from my previous genetic tests be stored in GeneAccount?

Yes. If you wish to access your results from a previous genetic test, all you need to do is ask the laboratory that carried out the test to deliver the results to GeneAccount. We will then verify all information with the laboratory to see if the information is accurate and conforms to international standards.

What does the service cost?

Reading data from GeneAccount is free of charge. The service cost of storing data in GeneAccount is often included in the total price of taking a genetic test. The laboratory first analyses your genetic sample and then sends us the results for storage and handles the payment for you. If you wish to store results from previous genetic tests, please contact our customer service.

How can I access my GeneAccount?

GeneAccount can be accessed through a login window on this website. When you sign up for the service, you will get an SMS message to your mobile phone with a personal passcode to your GeneAccount. You can use GeneAccount on any platform you wish: e.g. computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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